About Trottwood Creations

Trott Wood Creations is a little bit of both of us? Trish & Scott together = “Trott”. This crazy idea began with a simple Christmas present. Just like for many people, times were tough, but we wanted to make a two year olds holiday very special. With little money and lots of time, Scott decided he wanted to make something hand-crafted.

Little did we know that we would have so much fun making a rocker! It was great working on something together. Our adult son, the “bank executive” Josh went from his designer suit to overalls and got involved. It was our best Christmas in years! So good in fact, that we decided to turn it into a business.

dragon rocker
We design and hand crafted unique and sometimes outrageous rockers. We already have close to twenty concepts in development. The ideas…just keep coming. We hope you will find one that your family will cherish for years to come and join the Trott Wood family.